How to Rank for Anything by Outsourcing Everything on Legiit

Steps to Rank Any Site

There are two ways of going about this.

  1. You can watch my videos, where I show you how to do these services – and then you can take the time and do them yourself.
  2. You can order from me or anyone else I recommend that does the service for you on legiit.

The first thing you need to do is create your free account on Legiit.

Then Follow this Proven Guide:

Step 1: On Page Optimization & Content Creation

I cannot stress the importance of having this right. Make sure you check out my quick 3 minute video on how to properly optimize your site. Once you get this right, it will be much easier to rank.

Al can look over your on page and find out exactly what to do to move the needle!

On page optimization services

Best On-Page Optimization Service on Legiit

Content Creation: Best Content Writer On Legiit

For a very extensive on-page SEO report, click here. This service is a report generated by the best software out there, Cora. Cora finds out how your competition is ranking and then suggests edits on your site.

Step 2: Start your Foundation Links

Foundation links are to build your brand. The overall concept here is to get back links from high DA and PA sites out there. You want everything to be branded, including anchor text. Remember, you are building trust here.

This is a very time consuming process, but is vital and key for your success.

Best Foundation Links On Legiit

Step 3: Start your Relevant Links

Another step in the process where I can’t stress enough of how important this is. For the past few years in SEO, one thing has been gaining more importance for ranking factors, and that is relevance. Relevance is your keyword in URL, anchor text, and domain. Watch my video on how to build relevant links.

If you don’t have the time to do it, follow this link to order your Relevant Link Package:

Relevant Links Package

Step 4: Social Signals

Social signals help your site for many reasons.

For starters, it shows Google that your site is worthy of being shared across social media. People are mentioning you and sharing it with their friends.

Second, social signals provides proof of link building. Often times when people share your website, it gets picked up by other websites and they link out to yours.

So important to incorporate social signals into your SEO campaign!

UPDATE: I have recently added my own social signals services.

Follow this link to order social signals from Al’s SEO.

Al’s SEO Social Signals to Boost Your Rankings (on Legiit)

Another AWESOME social signals service provider is Caleb via Dripfeed Nation. His social signals drip feed service is “awesomeness!”

Step 5: Web 2.0 Backlinks

Web 2.0 backlinks help your anchor text diversity. You should incorporate some generic anchors so you can be more aggressive later in your SEO campaign. Ordering the service below will really help you diversify.

Web 2.0 Backlinks Service

Step 6: Tiered Links

Tiered web 2.0 links is a great way to have boundaries between your money site and links coming in. It gives you an opportunity to diversify your links and anchor text, and helps push juice to your money site.

Tiered Links Service

Step 7: DAS, Domain Authority Stack

A domain authority stack will help your site pass some early tests through Google’s eyes. Your Page Authority and Domain Authority will increase as a result of this service. That will help you justify your later actions in your campaign!

Domain Authority Stack Service


Repeat steps 4-7 until you achieve the results you are looking for. Then, if you still need a boost, these Gigs will do the trick.

Get an human SEO Audit done by one of the best minds in SEO. This seller will do the research for you and find out exactly how to optimize your site and get it UN STUCK!

More details can be found here.


Hands down the absolute best press release on Legiit. You get your brand out there and links from some of the best trustworthy sites on the internet!

Guest Posts

Guest posts provide you a very, very safe and POWERFUL link. Mainly these are niche relevant and have lots of traffic going to these sites. This will help you in so many ways.

You have the choice of outreaching your self. This means going on and finding blogs that will let you put your link on their site. This can take lots of time, and you’ll have to work out a deal to get the link.

Or, you can use service providers that will do this for you.

Top notch Guest Post Outreach service can be found here. Very proven success and all 5 star reviews. Plus, his network is super extensive and will most likely have your niche.

Another great option is this service. This guy will go get an amazing, powerful, safe link and push some extra juice towards it!


A PBN, or private blog network, is just what it sounds like. It’s a bunch of sites owned by a single entity that are used for link building purposes.

Some service providers are more experienced and are more PRIVATE than others. Don’t go cheap on this front, unless your using a site for testing purposes.

One of the most trusted private networks is this powerful PBN service. This guy has been doing it for years and has had some massive success! He was an all star on Konker, and now getting onto legiit. So many SEO’s use him as his links WILL move the needle.

Another super powerful PREMIUM PRIVATE network is this service. Low OBL and high maintenance. He’s been developing that network for over 5 years.

To get a mix of social signals and PBN’s all together, this will be your go-to service. It is known as the “ranking rocket.” Everyone knows about this service (unless you are new to the game). This service provider has a great sales page and will help your site float to the top of the SERP’s.

The Ranking Rocket

What’s Next?


There’s nothing worse than reading guides like these and not taking FULL advantage of them. Start acting now. And you’ll be on your way to a successful outsourcing SEO campaign.

Well, if you are still not ranking after all of that – make sure to double check search console and find out if you have a penalty.


Remember, this guide is not a guaranteed way to rank your site. It is simply a guide to help you achieve rankings. The results that worked for me, may not work for you or any other person you are using this guide for.

If you are a local business owner and you’re looking to multiply your business contact us. Al’s SEO House is here to help you succeed.

My Full Legiit Profile can be found here:

Al’s SEO Legiit Profile – Best SEO Services on Legiit

Thanks for reading and Good Luck out there!